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P I T C H F O R K S   &   T O R C H E S   M A G A Z I N E   N E WS
October 25, 2018.
    Our third issue IS ready. CLICK HERE to begin your FREE download! We think you'll love this Hammer Issue.

    We plan to have our fourth issue ready in the spring that will feature the various versions of Dark Shadows, including a complete episode guide to the original series!

    And of cours, our first issue and second issueare also available.

   Packed into every issue are 50 full-screen pages of the best monster images you've ever seen!

    Thank you SO much for enjoying this scary ride with us and we hope to see you at the very next horror event, capture your image, and perhaps publish it in our pages and make YOU an undead star!

    We're very proud of our magazine and we hope to bring you every issue FREE to download!

    The purpose of Pitchforks & Torches Magazine is to share a love of movie monsters by their fans.. . it's that simple. Pitchforks & Torches Magazine follows our other Kimball Publications magazines such as The Pyrates Way, Faire Magazine, The Concordium Magazine, Cos&FX Magazine, and Ape Planet Magazine. All of our publications are fan-based and cover a wide range of hobbies, giving you the chance to be a part of them.

    You'll find Pitchforks & Torches Magazine just about everywhere in online social media. We invite you to join our groups and like our pages on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and YouTube. We'll be starting our own YouTube Channel very soon with lots of interactive experiences to share.

    If you want to contact the publisher, please email Steve Kimball at:
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